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Happy belated birthday Kuadik

I miss you a lot….papa,mama miss you and Puteri ‘Emas’ a lot….they talk about her almost everyday….I miss being with you, dear sister…

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Welcome to the world

To my dear 1 week old niece Puteri Hannah Sophie,

Welcome to the world..I’ll be coming to stay with you for a month, to help out your mother and father..altough inexperienced, InsyaAllah I will try my best..

Be a good daughter, listen to your mother, she is very dear to me…listen to your mother, listen to your mother…listen to your father…

“Ya Allah kurniakanlah keimanan kepada Hannah, jadikan dia anak solehah…”

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Sea level rise,climate change…global warming…what will these do to us in the future?

Scientists say that our ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica are…and if all of them melt…global sea level will rise up to 6 metres…and what will that do to us?Most parts of Malaysia will be under water…what will that do to our children?Our children’s children?It’s scary…to think about all these… The chaos, violent climate, destructions, wars, deaths…it’s too scary…..

I can’t help myself but recalling the movie Waterworld…although this is one of the most boring, time-wasting and over the top Kevin Costner’s movies ever, it does give me some idea of the world being under water…people living on huge ships…not much land left

The world will not be around forever…this is a fact….the world will…as promised…end…but until then?What do we do?

We…human…although good at messing things up..creating tonnes of greenhouse gases..if we work together,we can actually do something to fix the damage that we have do something about it, at least to give us more time to tackle the problem. So, the next big question..what?What do we need to do?

Governments…policy makers…people with power..they should listen to scientists.Change the law, change the policy, let everyone know about the condition of the world that we are living in, what the future holds for us. Invest in the environment, educate people, remind people. Do something about it…don’t just talk bullshit, politicising things..increase awareness..

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Dia gembira

Aku gembira…gembira


Dia akan datang  jua…

Bersama mereka…

Ohh…aku tak sabar untuk bertemu mereka…

Saudara baruku…

Harta mana akan kuberi?

Tanah yang mana akan ku serahkan?

Isteri mana akan kulepaskan?

Akan ku beri yang terbaik…

kepada orang asing itu…

Gembiranya aku…

Tapi hati berdebar juga..

berdegup jantung tidak terhenti..


saat itu…

apabila aku…dia…kami..yang asing ini…

akan bersatu…

Mengikat silaturrahim..

di bawah panjiNya

di bawah pimpinannya…

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Kedekut gile

“…Meanwhile the Arab League, meeting in Kuwait, is expected to discuss a proposal for a $2m fund for reconstruction in Gaza…. ” (Source:BBC 19/01/09)

Is that all you can give, rich Arabs?Is that all you can give?hundreds of thousands of Palestinians are in hunger and in need of basic care…and yet you only give just a tiny wee bit of ‘your’ wealth…

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Khas untuk bos Manchester City ….

Wahai Pak Sheikh Arab celaka

Berjuta-juta kau beli Kaka

Setakat nak sepak sebiji bola

Orang Palestin kau biar menderita

Tahulah harta kau banyak gila

Kau ingat minyak dalam bumi tu kau punya?

Jangan tertipu dengan dunia

Yang Maha Kaya hanya Satu Jua

Setakat engkau pak arab…boleh bla la!!!

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10 Januari 1979, mama bertarung nyawa membawa ku ke dunia…

2:30 pagi Alhamdulillah lahirlah seorang insan bernama aku

Ya Allah ampuni mama, kasihanilah dia sepertimana dia mengasihaniku waktu ku kecil dahulu

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Hei insan laknat!!

Kau biar ibu ayahmu merempat?

Meski hidup mewah berpangkat

Apa kau ingat kau hebat?

Sebelum mati baik kau cepat

Pohon ampunan pohon taubat

selagi redha mereka kau tak dapat

Jangan harap hidup kau selamat

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Angie hopes that Brad helps to motivate her, together with her realising her ambition..just like the way Angie helped him once upon a time ago…Angie can’t do it on her own, Angie has lost her confidence…Angie needs Brad to bring hope to her…not just doing nothing about it….Brad should understand that Angie needs help…

And for him to not doing anything does not make things any better…Angie might smile..might laugh….but deep inside her she needs help…she’s been feeling like shit for a very long time…Brad might have known this but he’s done nothing…Angie has asked Brad a lot of time to help her, she just hasn’t got the guts to do it on her own….but why the hell is brad doing nothing?Maybe Brad thinks that helping Angie is a waste of his time, he’d rather do his thing, or help others…but he forgets about Angie…he knew that Angie wants his help, she wants to pursue her ambition…she earns it, but she’s lost her confidence…yet Brad things that everything’s okay as it is….


What does Angie have to do then?Someone really older than her once told her that sometimes we need to sacrifice, well this is what she thinks: F*** it!!


She deserves her ambitions….


She feels bad all the time, why can’t she be independent?Why can’t she try to do things on her own?She’s pissed all the time…she wanted to try on her own for quite some time now but hasn’t got the guts!!She’s lost it…her confidence….she wants to stand on her own but she just can’t do it….


Shit why is she such a loser?


She should just quit hoping for Brad to help her….


She has stopped believing in herself…that’s her problem….but she needs help!!!And that one person really close to her fails to see it….

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“Kerajaan tidak sentiasa turunkan harga petrol: Najib”  <—- S***ty Government…once a hypocrite always a hypocrite

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