Posted by: kuyan | Oktober 5, 2004

Transmission line parameters between PSCAD and MATLAB

Writing about web page

The link is created by my husband….well…the comments are in Malay
language…apologies for those who don’t understand….most of the pics are
of his own, and our family when they came to visit here in 2004….

the Bergeron TL is modelled in both PSCAD and MATLAB. Since at the moment I am trying to reproduce the MATLAB Phasor STATCOM model in PSCAD, I have to insert the TL parameters already available in MATLAB into PSCAD. The difficulties are as follows:

1) Different units

In MATLAB, for instance for the +ve seq R, the unit is in ohms/km, whereas in PSCAd ohms/m

2) Different representation

In MATLAB, use L and C while in PSCAD use reactances.

3) Complications in PSCAD

PSCAD, although can offer more accurate simulation, is too detailed, thus quite complicated.


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