Posted by: kuyan | Mac 23, 2005

About STATCOM and today

I tried to solve the STATCOM equations in
matrix, even tried to solve them entry by entry, but the answers are
still not the same with Chang Fei’s…in fact worse!!!!!

Well..apart from that….

Wrote something interesting today, might not go further than my bloggo
bloggy blog…but..i’ve done it…that matters….i’ve done it..

to spot some mistakes in the invoicing at my workplace today…hmmm…got
excited the first time when the invoice was to
Harvard..eheh..Harvardlah wei!!!!!However….found another invoice
exactly the same as the first one….lorrr…..2nd time to get excited…no
waylah!!!!Went to see Rosie..yup!!!Duplicated….spot on Aisha!!!Well

Well…..that’s the story of my life…..for today…hehehehe….


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