Posted by: kuyan | Mac 24, 2005

About semsas96 group and Am

Surprised with the spirit of my batch!!!!Bukak2 jer mailbox
penuh….and the good thing is that everyone seems to have fun….united…..

happy….the sad thing is just that I am far away… but like the Malay
saying….far from the sight…but close to the heart…

Am is
arriving tonight!!!Look forward for that….I was so honoured that my
friends chose Am as their lifetime president of semsas96…..even though
he is seperated by oceans and seas from them…

That’s all I want to say today…at least now….better stop before nangih….

to go to work…and then have to work out my calculations again….. at
least that will keep my mind occupied..rather than berangan tak sabar2
tunggu Am sampai…kekekekeke….



  1. hahahah harap2 akan berjaya la kuyan kita nye plan ni

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