Posted by: kuyan | Ogos 13, 2006

Missing home

I miss home…miss being with my family…Mama, Papa,Kakak, Lop,
Kakchik, Kuadik, Kuzan…all of us spending time together….when was the
last time that we actually did that?Really–really took some time off
from anything else and then just spent time with each other???

happening to us? Everyone is doing his/her own routines in life,
minding their own businesses…and myself and Kuadik being far away from
the rest…really adds to the problem…yes..the main problem…is…us not
sticking to each other….well..maybe that is what growing up is all
about…and then..before you realise that you really need each
other…suddenly time envies you…each and everyone of us will definitely
be taken away and then you notice that your life will never be the same
again when one of us has finally gone…then you have this regrets that
you wanted to share a lot of things with him/her…but you know that that
will never happen…ever….

I really have thought about it a
lot…and each time after solat I pray and pray and pray to be granted
more time in this world so that we could be together again…..I miss
being with Mama and Papa…

I’ve left home since 13…and since
then I had never really spent more then a year with my family…after
school there’s A–Level, then University..and University…and…then
what???I’m 27 and who knows what will happen to me tomorrow?Allah knows
the best…

Ohh Allah forgive my family, forgive me….


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