Posted by: kuyan | Ogos 13, 2006

My family

dscn03692.jpgPapa and myself when Am and I reached home from KLIA,
Kuadik’s wedding night…i was so happy..tired..but happy…I just could
not believe how a year could change Papa’s appearance…he looked much
older than I imagined…

 dscn0373.jpg Papa’s
girls….Mama lost a lot of weight I was stunned…but deep inside I knew
that she’s sad that Kuadik was going to leave her….I always feel that
Mama’s okay with me not being with her all the time..kind of got used
to that…but Kuadik…she’s with Mama her whole life…and…I can understand
that Mama did not take it really well when Kuadik finally got
married… that Kuadik is following her hubby overseas…just can’t
imagine if I were in Mama’s shoes…seriously….in the pic, far right is
Kakak, then Kakchik, Mama in the middle, then Kuadik..then me…

dscn04131.jpgKuadik and the new addition to our family…Zul…they are expecting a princess January next year…I really miss Kuadik…


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