Posted by: kuyan | Ogos 16, 2006

Work, ads, Taucu

Have not done any school work for 5 days time flies….Next
meeting with Zhang on Wednesday next week, really have not got much
time left…and a lot of work to do…a lot of little
little done…I suck big time!!!

A lot of ads need to be
done….Syukur that I’ve been given this job, at least can do my work
anytime anywhere as long as there’s internet…but most people think that
it is an easy job..but it’s not as simple as that…needs a lot of
concentration,a very meticulous job this is…well…I’m considered quite
senior in this job anyway…have done thousands of ads…pay is not bad…

ikan masak taucu just now…have not done it before…but seems that
everyone enjoyed my lauk..Abg Bob even said that he regretted not
having eaten this lauk for about 3 years now..well…I took that as a

Was very happy that Am is with me now…but not
for long this time…he did not experience any problems on his way back

..and yes…news about Siti Nurhaliza
everywhere in the newspaper…bloody hell…what’s going on with people
today?All they really care about is artists…particularly this
one…really makes me sick!!!


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