Posted by: kuyan | Ogos 17, 2006


That’s the question….when will I get the courage to start doing my school work….

Really really not in the mood to even touch my notes…I have to start soon…time is running out…

roast chicken and tuna salad with mozarella just now… nasik
today..except for nasik lemak this morning…went to look at a house in
Radford for Rose….I can say that it is quite nice..but received
interest of quite many today…house hunting…is not as easy as I thought
it would be…What makes me wonder even more is the fact that the rents
are rising sharply, not in proportion to the quality of the houses and
the areas…well..Coventry is not really a ‘posh’ city…but the rents are
ridiculously expensive even lousy houses in Foleshill are not that
cheap as before, bearing in mind that the ‘bloodsucking’ landlords
don’t really rennovate and repair the houses that much…it’s not making
any sense…yes..and they call themselves Muslim..most of them…but
really…they do whatever they want…no black and white contracts,
increase rents whenever they want…evict tenants whenever they want…

is not good…not good…and I’m still looking for an affordable place to
stay…and sometimes people are desperate they will end up renting the
houses from these terrible landlords….well..that’s life..


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