Posted by: kuyan | Ogos 22, 2006

Kuadik and Zul’s quite latest pics..

is when Kuadik and Zul were in Rome…both are getting chubbier, I can
see that Kuadik’s tummy is growing…sometimes it’s quite hard to believe
that my little sister will become a mother one seems like just
yesterday we climbed up the guava hanging on it…looking like a
monkey…how time flies…if only I could turn back time and be a kid
again…ohh…I miss those moments…

one afternoon when we were
kids, Kuadik called upon the old ice–cream man on the bike….shouting
“Aiskrim!!!!Tunggiiiiiii!!!!!!”..yup..instead of tunggu..she said
tunggi…all of us laughed our heads off….and also this one time in Ijok,
she went to kedai Ah–Po, wanted to buy asam for her to eat, instead
Ah–po gave her asam keping!!!!!she got back home, showed it to
everyone..everyone laughed so loud that she began to cry!!!!Yes, my
sister..we’re so close, age–wise…and everything…we basically share

I’m very proud of her….really–really miss her!

so lonely today, Kak Yong and her family downstairs spending time
together…I wished that it was me instead with mama and Papa and the
rest of the family…

Abang Bob the family man, working hard
everyday…reminds me of Papa, worked hard every single day…made sure
that everyone at home ate enough, lived a comfortable life, yes it’s
just an average simple family..we did not have the privilege of having
fancy toys and clothes but Alhamdulillah it’s enough…all 6 of us grew
up okay and thank Allah for Mama and Papa…


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