Posted by: kuyan | Ogos 23, 2006

MPhil, not PhD

Yes, this is the moment of truth. Sometimes today I still find it hard to accept, but I am recovering, yes….

am no longer given the opportunity to ‘secure’ my PhD (that’s how Peter
Byrd put it)…my progress is ‘very slow’, that’s how Keith Godfrey put

I am now trying to finish what I left in terms of the
existing models, and just need to write up a thesis for it…since I’ve
not been able to create any originalities or authenticities, as well
being absent for ‘many’ months….’without’ any good reasons…yeah
right….my hubby knows how much I’ve suffered..

not as straightforward as any other physical sicknesses where you could
just go and see a doctor and get an MC. This affects more towards your emotions, your mental health, you spiritualites…yes it
takes quite a chunk off your brains…off your heart…and lastly it starts
to affect you hormones, your period stops flowing….you start to gain
weight…your behaviour got affected, the way you think, the way you feel…

Sounds familiar to anyone out there experiencing it???

Am I making these all up???

HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

must have a medical certificate for the last 2 years to convince the
graduate office to obtain another 2 years extension..I’m not sure what
this means (Obviously I don’t make this one up)…

The reasons for my stress????My Creator knows best…

Whose fault is this?Hmm…the blame game will not take me anywhere…

It’s hard being a woman….your body can play trick on you….do ‘they’ understand? I don’t think so..



  1. ooohhh
    kuyan…gitu ke citernya, sabarlah kuyan bila dapat review and feedback
    dari dorang berdua tu… that during your yearly progress
    meeting…emmm…tokwan dan pakcik tu mungkin berpendapat begitu…phd nie
    sometimes ada politik nya if Zhang boleh push up, cari panel yang boleh
    ‘membantu’ dan really kuyan ada rezeki, insyaAllah ada harapan lagi gak

    entahlah kuyan, sorry lah kak liza masih optimis dan
    bersemangat kat kuyan, kuyan masih boleh mengharap. just one to share a
    story..Kuyan ada kan penah kak liza story kat kuyan brother yang
    hadiahkan kami proton putih selepas keter kak liza excident and that
    excident related to kehilangan anak pertama kak liza. Proton tulah
    banyak membantu kami dan semua undergrad warwick, Rizal kak mas yang
    last pakai. the story is that brother nie balik malaysia sedih sebab
    Uni Birm hanya nak bagi MPhil, he went back tu malaysia, work and
    writing for another a year, then hantar soft copy pada abang shafizal
    untuk print and submit tu Uni Birm. Kami bantu untuk binding the thesis
    and memang betul tulis “…fullfillment for MPhil…’ then…a few months
    later..the brother call us from KL..that he just got vivar by phone
    with his panel at Birm Uni..and they award him PhD with correction. We
    are so happy and he did mention to me that believe in Allah..Allah hold
    everything… thing that kak liza rasa..after he put all his work on
    that report..then Allah has open all the panels eyes to accept his work
    to be awarded PhD.

    Maaf sangatlah maybe kuyan kut marah
    pada kak liza tlis gini…. but just follow apa Tokwan and pakcik Peter
    kata. Go write on your work put everything to Allah and ready to face
    the real final end result which after your submit your work. Pasal nak
    dapatkan surat doctor tu…rasanya..boleh cuba…or you did like kawan kak
    liza, kuyan ingat tak ingat tak one chinese lady..tu…dia ada masalah
    pribadi gak..cuma tak dapat extention lagi, she re–register.. she paid
    the extra term as part time pada warwick…dulu kak liza tanya 270pound
    per semester..coz u just do writing not do experiment..maybe they took
    your office and PC…..memang sejak kami, warwick hanya bagi up to 4
    years for PhD.

    Apapun I know kuyan kuat dan bijak orang nya dan Allah know you the best……love you.

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