Posted by: kuyan | Ogos 24, 2006

I’m full and ready to study

Had nasik with asam rebus and sambal belacan and sayur, a massive
improvement today as I woke up very early and managed to cook for the
whole family, that’s the thing that seldomly done as I usually wake up
quite late, sometimes even in the afternoon…and the guilt is always
there….for not helping out that much..I remember Mama’s advice to do
whatever I can to help Kak Yong and her family with the chores. That’s
my responsibility, but I often forget….and I keep on blaming myself for

Tonight I have to stay up to do as much work as
possible as tomorrow I’ll be meeting him…also I’m planning to cook
sambal for Dee and Dalina.

Looking forward for my trip to
Manchester this Saturday, but surely a bit bored as I’m on my own this
time, thinking of bringing Syahira along but I don’t think that it’s a
good idea though.

Had a chat with Kuadik just now…glad to hear from her…

Went to Kak Ros’s house to have laksa…yummy yummy…

sorry for Rose as I could not help her much with her house haunting at
the moment, without Am I find it quite difficult to move about, finding
houses…to take a bus is almost impossible!!

I miss Am…and he
has to stay in Germany for a few more days longer than planned to sort
things out with his thesis, I hated the fact that I’ve to wait longer,
but deep inside I understand that it’s for his own good…a bit more than
2 weeks to wait until he stays with me for good!!!


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