Posted by: kuyan | Ogos 30, 2006


Sometimes when I look at other people’s success…I feel
though mine is beyond my reach…but deep inside I’m not worried because
even difficult my life is right now, I am still happy that Mama and
Papa can drive my Kancil and enjoy their moments together,go wherever
they want, do whatever they want…and they no longer need to depend on
others to borrow their cars…

I trust that Allah will give me strength to help my parents…

believe that it’s time for them to enjoy, they had spent their whole
lives raising us, I think that it’s time for them to take a break…no
argument on that!!

Why worry that Mama and Papa are spending a lot of money??LET THEM…for goodness sake…we have no rights to question that, it is in fact the duty of everyone to give allowances to his/her parents…

matter how much money you’re making, trust me…if you sincerely give a
portion of what you gain to your parents, you’ll be granted ‘berkat’ on
your rezeki…and even though you’re rich as hell, without ‘berkat’,
everything you have…they worth absolutely nothing!!



  1. sorry kuyan aku msg ikut sini tp ping yahoo tak dapat. try search ikut e-mail add…

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