Posted by: kuyan | September 1, 2006

Things that I should’ve done..

Yes…a lot….I’ve promised a lot to many people….have told Ayahwan
long time ago that I’d help him to settle his account in Barclays, but
haven’t done it….have told Kak Liza to help her out collecting
undergrad exam papers, post her convo book, but havent’ done them….have
told Rose to help her out looking for her accommodation, but haven’t
done as much as I hope I would…useless,in fact, as I can’t drive!!!!!

Told Changfei I’d help him out with his market research, but I haven’t and it’s more than 2 months now!!!!

When I said I’d do it…I should have meant it…but often I don’t….

I cannot forgive myself!!!



  1. Alamak
    kuyan, wei takyah lah fikir gitu, pasal soalan tu tak ler penting…kalau
    takleh buat takpa, pasal buiku konvo tupun keep jerlah…benda valuable
    to kak liza..nanti kak liza mabik sendiri kat kuyan key…you are not
    useless, banyak dah tolong orang.

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