Posted by: kuyan | September 8, 2006


..yup, I’ll be joining Abg Bob, Adib, Syahira and the rest for Godiva festival tomorrow…playing kompang!!!

can say that Abg Bob’s children inherit the music talent from
him…Syahira being brilliant in piano, Adib in Kompang…and this trumpet
thingy no idea what’s it called…well..the passion towards music is though music is a part of their lives….

and Islam…is indeed a big debate….but I firmly believe that as long as
it is not diverting you from your ibadah, akidah..iman…it’s okay…in
fact…songs can even enhance you spiritual…Syeikh Muhammad Jebril does
not recite Al-Quran in monotone, right?

Me and
music…that’s something….I know that I’m capable of playing a few
instruments by heart..crap at reading notes…but the feeling is
there…Papa could not afford to give me music lessons…though everyone
knew when I was very small that I had the potential..well..that did not
stop me…I can play piano spontantaneously, a bit proud of it…taught
Syahira few songs that I memorise since kid…

Enough of that…and sorry Rose!!!Have been busy the whole week and could not find a slot to take a look at the house in Gosford!

And Miza good to hear from you!!



  1. please reply my email to u at yahoo…. or is that account inactive?

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