Posted by: kuyan | Februari 9, 2007

Chapter 3

I’ve finally finished 1 chapter…all this while….well, it’s a
positive start….that’s for sure…it’s snowing like crazy here…after
almost 10 years here…it’s finally white…total white in Coventry…but not
for long..probably everything will dissapear tomorrow, but the mat
salleh here really took advantage of the weather, nak jadik alasan
tanak datang tempat keje…tutup sekolah lah…yopoiyo…

Perjanjian Makkah, will it work?Let’s just wait and see what Israel
and US reactions are….like s*** most probably definitely!!!As always…

Anna Nicole Smith mati…never got the chance to enjoy her half
billion dollars fortune….what a waste…died of a natural
cause?Murdered?Well…I’m not bothered really…but, a bit sorry for her
young daughter…kesian…..

Promised Zhang to submit another 2 chapters by the end of this
month…will that be possible?InsyaAllah..need to do some serius work and

Hmm…my expert patient programme…was a bit boring, but it’s the first
time ever, and have high hopes on it becoming more interesting as time
progress….action plan!!action plan!!Read the book and prepare for the
next meeting on Tuesday.

Heard that there’ll be a PCOS suppport group in Coventry soon…look forward for that!!!

talk later…got to go.


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