Posted by: kuyan | Mac 16, 2007


I woke up early in the morning…Am had to go to his 2nd interview at
half 7..I had to finish my inputting, and I was so tired…a bit
frustated with myself…I’m so fatigue lately…not even 30, and my body is
in pain, here and there…it makes me wonder, it must be tough for Am to
work 12 hours straight on…doing manual work…however, I admire his
patience and strength…makes me love him even more….

..I must admit sometimes I am not doing enough for him. I should
have paid more attention to him…he’s done a lot for me, sacrifice a lot
for me….I shouldn’t have been that selfish…

….Am interview went well..he said that Nicolas liked him…I really
pray that he gets this job…really pray that Allah Will grant us this

I postponed my meeting with my supervisor until next week…I haven’t
studied for many days now…and it’s getting awfully ridiculous, since I
haven’t got much time left…

…in Baban, whilst having our lunch, Am told me that he woke up
this morning with the feeling of sadness, but he wasn’t really sure
why…only when he was driving to Birm that he recalled having a very sad
dream…..he was with Arwah Andak, and Arwah hugged him, he kissed her
hands sort of asking for her forgiveness…

…my heart sank when I heard this…Am told me that Andak used to
take care of him when he was a baby…the news of her passing really
shocked Am….

…Ajal is in the hands of Allah, I succumb to Him….

..I miss Mama and Papa…I pray to be granted time to be with them, to take care of them….to spend more time with them…

…I miss Mama Kuantan too…she’s so cool…really miss her cooking….


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