Posted by: kuyan | Mac 29, 2007

An open letter

Dear Mr. Nico….. Pod….ky,

I would like to thank you for interviewing my husband. You have
rejected him, but can’t you see how talented my husband is?You should
have given him the opportunity. He even told me that he liked you,
looked up to you, even though he just met you 3 times. He would be a
very loyal worker for you, he would work really hard to be a better
design engineer.

You have definitely made a wrong decision of not choosing him. I
would motivate him to work at his best, to learn from you. I would
support him throughout his career, and he would grow to become the best
design engineer that you ever had…

I am very dissapointed with your decision, of not choosing him. He
is very dissapointed. He would have worked well with you. He is
friendly, kind, he might not talk much, but he is genuine. He has a
good heart. He is capable of a lot more, a lot more than he could ever
imagined. He just needed the right person to unleash his potential. I
see that in you, but you did not choose him.

Lastly, you will regret the decision of not choosing him.

Yours sincerely,




  1. salam..

    insya’allah, pasti ada opportunity yang lebih balik dari yg ini. keep on trying. wish u and ur hubby all the best.

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