Posted by: kuyan | April 15, 2007


Weather is brilliant,

but my day started late…

I woke up at about 4 in the morning, then I had difficulties
sleeping again…I went panic, started to think about everything, and
experienced shortness of breath…and was worried that the tempo of Am’s
breathing was not normal, but probably I was being paranoid…

I spent hours and hours trying to shut my eyes again, and I finally
managed to do it, but then it was a bit too late, and I woke up late

Promised myself to study today….a lot of work to do….

A bit surprised with some people who think that they are better than others…but that’s life I guess…

It has been 4 years….and I’m blessed with every moment spent with him….

One day spent with someone you love, how difficult it may get, is
way much better than spending your lifetime with someone you don’t love…

Thanks Seri for sharing your story and for listening…


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