Posted by: kuyan | April 16, 2007


Still not used to expressing what I think, what I feel into
words…I’m no writer…but slowly, I am learning…it’s something that I
need to develop…that I need to learn and to practise…

Watched Day After Tomorrow just now…damn, have watched it probably a
dozen times now, but still got the chills after watching it…the end of
days, I wonder if I will be there to witness the events that has been
promised….that day will come eventually, the question is when?

will I live that long to witness it, or will the time be that soon?

..I’m scared, of not being able to prepare…..what will happen to me?To those I love?

I have to continue with my work now…..

Will I become a better person tomorrow?Yes, I want to, and whatever happens tomorrow, starts today.


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