Posted by: kuyan | November 13, 2007


A lot of things on my mind right now….after reading and watching the news, I’m so gutted with the level of selfishness people demonstrate today. Breastfeeding….it turns out, apparently, that scientists at the Institute of Psychiatry have found a mechanism that links breastfeeding to better baby IQs. ..some sort of a genetic link…


I don’t think that we need a scientist to know that susu ibu is much better than susu formula, a.k.a susu LEMBU….

Well I can understand that not all mothers are capable of breastfeeding….

But…what I don’t understand is….the argument that breastfeeding can sag your breast…so you decided not to do it….because you won’t feel…err…pretty anymore…(it’s been proven SCIENTIFICALLY also that breastfeeding will not sag your precious BREAST)…

what the hell?

Okaylah….I’m not a mother….

Tapi sakit hati wei tgk manusia yg penting diri sendiri ni…..


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