Posted by: kuyan | Februari 21, 2008

So near…yet so far…

Tomorrow I’ll be going back home…I’ve been staying with my mother in law for few days now….

 I can feel his presence here….being with his mother, his brothers….I feel so close to him…when chatting with Ayai, his younger brother, we would talk about him….I would ask Ayai…how he was when he was a kid…..his character back then…were they close?

 …alas, the suffering of not being able to touch him….tortures me too much I couldn’t bear it at times….

..the echoes of his voice keeps playing in my head….sacrifice….sacrifice…though it’s hard not being with him, though life is tough now…. our heart tell us that this is the right thing to do…..

I’m so proud of him…thankful for having him as my other half….a very understanding, patient man, my husband…he is the best thing in my life right now….

It’s not easy not being with him….

 Though I’ll be seeing him soon….but it seems like forever….rrghhhhh!!!!!!

 My friends out there…..I’m sorry…..for keeping quiet for quite a while now….just know that you guys are always in my heart…..please understand….life is a bit hard at the moment….please be patient with me…..I never forget you….never….



  1. oitt.. suka la tuh.. ye la kan.. che abg dah balik.. hehe.. take care k.

  2. Kuyan! You’re so cute la!!!!! You back in UK now? All your ‘pains’ gone? 😛

  3. kuyan…ada kat mesia ke…mana gie. sorry lama tak jenguk sini, sibuk gitu. nie akak nya phone 019-7755038.

    to Bibi, akak hilang no phone bibi, ler, hari tu lepas raya, phone kena curi kat rumah. sms akak eh, mai datang ler makan kat umah.

    kuyan, sorry guna channel sini,s ebba akak tau bibi rajin jenguk sini.

    sampai salam pada am.

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