Posted by: kuyan | November 23, 2008


Angie hopes that Brad helps to motivate her, together with her realising her ambition..just like the way Angie helped him once upon a time ago…Angie can’t do it on her own, Angie has lost her confidence…Angie needs Brad to bring hope to her…not just doing nothing about it….Brad should understand that Angie needs help…

And for him to not doing anything does not make things any better…Angie might smile..might laugh….but deep inside her she needs help…she’s been feeling like shit for a very long time…Brad might have known this but he’s done nothing…Angie has asked Brad a lot of time to help her, she just hasn’t got the guts to do it on her own….but why the hell is brad doing nothing?Maybe Brad thinks that helping Angie is a waste of his time, he’d rather do his thing, or help others…but he forgets about Angie…he knew that Angie wants his help, she wants to pursue her ambition…she earns it, but she’s lost her confidence…yet Brad things that everything’s okay as it is….


What does Angie have to do then?Someone really older than her once told her that sometimes we need to sacrifice, well this is what she thinks: F*** it!!


She deserves her ambitions….


She feels bad all the time, why can’t she be independent?Why can’t she try to do things on her own?She’s pissed all the time…she wanted to try on her own for quite some time now but hasn’t got the guts!!She’s lost it…her confidence….she wants to stand on her own but she just can’t do it….


Shit why is she such a loser?


She should just quit hoping for Brad to help her….


She has stopped believing in herself…that’s her problem….but she needs help!!!And that one person really close to her fails to see it….



  1. Truly I think Angie needs to bangun malam mengadap dan beritahu pada Yang Satu. NO one will understand or help Angie except HIM. Thousands of Brad will be of no use to Angie. We are always on our own and keep on hoping and submitting…. NOT to Brad or anyone else.

    Love and doa from us all.

  2. i understand hows angie felt .. so demn loser n pathetic :(( poor her

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