Posted by: kuyan | April 22, 2009


Sea level rise,climate change…global warming…what will these do to us in the future?

Scientists say that our ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica are…and if all of them melt…global sea level will rise up to 6 metres…and what will that do to us?Most parts of Malaysia will be under water…what will that do to our children?Our children’s children?It’s scary…to think about all these… The chaos, violent climate, destructions, wars, deaths…it’s too scary…..

I can’t help myself but recalling the movie Waterworld…although this is one of the most boring, time-wasting and over the top Kevin Costner’s movies ever, it does give me some idea of the world being under water…people living on huge ships…not much land left

The world will not be around forever…this is a fact….the world will…as promised…end…but until then?What do we do?

We…human…although good at messing things up..creating tonnes of greenhouse gases..if we work together,we can actually do something to fix the damage that we have do something about it, at least to give us more time to tackle the problem. So, the next big question..what?What do we need to do?

Governments…policy makers…people with power..they should listen to scientists.Change the law, change the policy, let everyone know about the condition of the world that we are living in, what the future holds for us. Invest in the environment, educate people, remind people. Do something about it…don’t just talk bullshit, politicising things..increase awareness..


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